Manley Bros. of Indiana, Inc., 300 S. Vermillion St
Troy Grove, IL 61372 | (815) 539-7486

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Manley Bros. of Indiana, Inc. is Located 10 Miles North of Interstate 80 and 3 Miles West of Interstate 39.

Manley Bros. of Indiana, Inc.
300 S. Vermillion St
Troy Grove, IL 61372 | (815) 539-7486

About Our Company


Manley Bros. of Indiana, Inc. has been producing high quality silica sand since the late 1950’s.  Our company mines St. Peter Sandstone, an ancient deposit of high pure, rounded grain sandstone.  We are located in Central Illinois in the small town of Troy Grove.  Besides sitting on top of St. Peter Sandstone, Troy Grove, IL is the birth place of Wild Bill Hickok.

Small and efficient accurately describes Manley Bros.  Many of our employees have been with us for 30 plus years.  The plant runs year round mining, processing and loading silica sand into both trucks and railcars. The Union Pacific rail line is strategically located 20 feet from our plant.  Troy Grove, IL is also within trans-loading distance to several other rail lines. For our customers who require some, or all of their sand bagged and palletized, we also own and operate a sand bagging plant.  Our experience combined with our location, allows us to provide quality sand, at competitive prices, with exceptional service.

Currently Manley Bros. produces numerous grades of sand, including Proppant sand for the oil and gas industry. In addition to Proppant sand, our sand is used in the foundry, glass, steel and construction industries. We also provide sand for water filtration systems worldwide and for many other uses.   The system we use for processing and blending our sand, allows us to attain some of the tightest grade specifications in the industry.  Every load of sand shipped from Manley Bros. is tested in our laboratory prior to shipping, to assure it meets our stringent grade specifications. This gives our customers a consistent quality product and peace of mind.

Quality is our top priority at Manley Bros.  In 1998 Manley Bros. was certified by Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance as having a Quality Management System that meets the standards of ISO 9001-2008. We are proud to say that every year since 1998 we have met or exceeded the necessary standards.  Manley Bros. is also certified by NSF International for a Standard 60 drinking water program.  NSF International audits the handling process of our water filtration sand yearly. Both our ISO 9001-2008 Certificate and our NSF International Certificate are available for your review.


 Quality is our top priority at Manley Bros. of Indiana, Inc.


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