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Products & Applications


Products & Applications

Manley Bros. of Indiana, Inc. is Located 10 Miles North of Interstate 80 and 3 Miles West of Interstate 39.

Manley Bros. of Indiana, Inc.
300 S. Vermillion St
Troy Grove, IL 61372 | (815) 539-7486

Foundry Sand


Silica Sand is the primary refractory used in Mold and Core applications. It possesses good refractory properties, and the ability to be bonded together by resin or clay into complex shapes. Once the metal has solidified it will break back down to its original grain size and shake out of finished castings.

The American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) and the American Foundry Society (AFS) classify sand by particle size. Sand is generally classified as any non metallic mineral aggregate, which has a sieve size between the 12 and 270 mesh.

Because the Foundry Industry is a large consumer of our products, Manley Bros. unique blending and sizing capabilities are ideally set up to produce tightly controlled, consistent quality grades of sand, which possess the qualities required of a good foundry sand.

The round grain, clean silica sand blends produce a range from 30 - 145 GFN. They possess excellent density, permeability, and two, three or four screen distributions. A full range of specifications is available upon request, or contact us to develop a blend for your specific needs.


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