Building Products & Specialty Construction

Silica sands, like so many other sands, are used extensively in industry. They are generally used in applications where their properties of purity, color, consistency, and grain shape are found to be most beneficial.  For applications where a high-quality, low-cost, dry, strong, inert filler is required, Manley Bros. silica sand is the ideal material. Applications for our silica sand within the construction field are many.

Here are just a few:


  • Stucco
  • Bridge Deck Facing Grout
  • Broadcast Sand
  • Tile Grout
  • Facing
  • Flooring
  • Kiln Sand
  • Polymer Concrete
  • Polymer Fillers and Extenders
  • Asphalt Filler
  • Shingle Headlap Parting Sand
  • Plaster Sand
  • White Mortar Sand
  • Precast Concrete

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Elbert Hubbard