Screen Size Comparisons

The chart below shows some international sieve size comparisons which may be of use from time to time. It also illustrates how confusing comparing sieve sizes can become. The confusion with size comparison, unfortunately, does not end with this example. Sieve manufacturers try very hard to come up with tightly controlled standards for their sieves. Even so, woven wire screens require some tolerance in their production. We have all heard stories about matched master sets of sieves, used on the same sample, unable to produce an exactly comparable result. To this may be added the discrepancies that occur when using different sieve shakers and laboratory techniques or, more frequently, damage caused by unsatisfactory cleaning of the sieves. Having experienced some of these problems and devel­oped systems to reduce their effect, Manley Bros. has sought to help minimize the problems of our customers in handling their test sieves by offering a free ultra-sonic test sieve cleaning and master set matching service. If you think this service may be of use to you call or contact us today.
Screensize comparison - Manley Bros.